Waves, Curls or Straight - We've Got It All

Choose the texture you want for your wig or weave

The virgin Remy hair we sell comes in all kinds of different textures. Elan Ardor Beauty LLC makes sure to offer a wide variety so you can pick out exactly what you want. Whether you're trying to match your current look or go in a whole new direction, we've got exactly what you need.

You'll be able to purchase high-quality virgin Remy hair in:

  • Island curl
  • Yaki straight
  • Natural straight
  • Body wave
Call now to ask about the textures we sell in frontals, closures and bundles.

Decide on the texture you like best

Decide on the texture you like best

Remy hair is considered the highest-quality human hair on the market because it keeps the cuticle intact. This allows for the shine, sleekness and texture of the hair to remain completely natural. You'll be able to style your wavy, curly or straight hair extensions however you'd like.

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